• I am a single parent of two boys ages 12 and 7.Just over 12 months ago I began experiencing behavioural problems with the youngest.  This became very disruptive and was a major upset for us all.He would deliberately disobey instructions from me and from any other figures of authority.

     We were experiencing regular tantrums when he didn’t get his own way.

    He was quite destructive and regularly showed aggressive behaviour to both family members and peers. Bedtime was a particular problem with every excuse to get out of bed. 

    This behaviour was displayed both at home and school where a behavioural plan was in place.

    Shahilla helped me with coping mechanisms.  She helped me to see alternative, less confrontational ways of dealing with him.  She also suggested ways to reward better behaviour and ensure I recognised the smallest of achievements.

    We also looked at diet and reduced the amount of sugar in his diet and additives.

    And now things are so much better at home.  He seems a much happier boy and I am able to discuss any issues with him now. He will listen and tow the line more often. 

    All behavioural plans at school have now been removed and he continues to make progress with his learning with much less focus on his behaviour.

    Thank you Shahilla for your help, advice and support. Justine D


  • My god you are simply wonderful!! I explained to Ben about your technique for learning and remembering things …He has been doing that for the past 8 days and I cannot tell you how impressed he is!! He said to me earlier he cannot believe how much it is helping him … Despite only doing it for 8 days he has managed to write 50 pages! He is stunned! He just sent me the 2 most amazing texts I have ever had:
    ‘I’m really happy at the moment mum’
    ‘I don’t think I’ve been as happy as I am at the moment’
    He had an interview at his chosen university on Saturday for a place studying architecture and he got a place … All down to him feeling more confident … This is all down to you!! 
    Thank you does not even come close to expressing how much you have influenced him…. But thank you from the bottom of my heart x  Catherine S

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