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Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as perfect parenting (hence the inverted commas on the heading), seriously? whoever created that term couldn’t have had children.

I am here to tell you it’s OK to make mistakes, we are only human, however , you can learn techniques and skills that will make parenting an easier, more enjoyable journey. I want to empower you to try different ways of doing things and learn the Practical Parenting Skills that best suit you and your child.

Is Your Toddler The Boss?

Is Starting Primary School Making Your Child Anxious?

Is Your Pre-teen Testing Boundaries to Breaking Point?

All of the above are typical scenarios that we, as parents, are all faced with at critical milestones in our children’s lives. I have helped parents to create age and stage appropriate boundaries and routines, helping to create a more harmonious family life. Starting school can be a very anxious time for your child, I can work with you to ensure your child is best prepared for their first day at school

Is Your Household Victim to Exam Blues?

Is your Teen preparing for their GCSEs? A levels?

This is a tough, stressful and worrying time for your teen…

…it’s also equally as difficult for you because you want to do your best to support them, fret not as help is here; I have helped many Teenagers overcome the revision and retention dilemma by helping them to adopt my revision system…the sooner they start the better. Many who have used the system have gained in confidence because they are able to retain so much more of what they have learned, revision becomes easier and more focused.
As an NLP practitioner I can also help them with exam nerves and confidence.

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